zine tami

Here is the TAMI ZINE with the accompanying vinyl record, also named"tami". For ¥3.000 you can purchase both items together.

The zine contains some photographs taken by Ayana Hirose while she was traveling around the world with her father, artist Kimiaki Hirose, whose pictures you can view here in the space around you.

The record contains the actual sound samples from some of the far away places she and her father photographed and traveled together.

The zine also features a special never-before-seen collaboration between Ayana Hirose and one of Japan's greatest animators, Koji Morimoto. His centerfold illustration spread in this zine marks the first time in his whole career that he has ever painted upon a photograph before.

Koji Morimoto

is a friend and mentor of the young artist Ayana. He is best known for his work directing the animated film AKIRA and his collaborations with Ken Ishii. 展示会場では、会場限定のvinyl付きzineを販売しています。(¥3.000税込)

今回のメイングラフィックデザイナーであるAsuka Watanabe監修のもと、廣瀬彩名が音とともに撮った写真を一冊にまとめました。



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